About Miss Chopin

The name Miss Chopin was inspired by Frédéric Chopin, a Polish composer of the Romantic era. Chopin, the poet of the piano, was known for his innovative, highly individual and harmonious music style.

At Miss Chopin, we believe that every woman is a composer by nature: how else do we match the right jewelry with the outfit and hair? There is a challenge, however; finding quality jewelry at an affordable price with little time we have. Miss Chopin was therefore born. We want to help our customers compose their every day moment beautifully and effortlessly through our collections at price points that are just as delightful.


We see ourselves as much more than just a catalog or website. Through various chic jewelry we make, we hope you can have a fabulous place to browse, get inspired, and find your favorite jewelry piece.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We are a boutique shop with a mission to create jewelry you and I covet and can afford.
  • By being online only and making these jewelry ourselves, we eliminate brick-and-mortar expense and the middleman – even more savings we pass to you.

Our mission is to create jewelry you and I covet and can afford. Share what you covet and then sit back - let us create these jewelry next for you!